SEO Tips to become number one.

If you want to get your website noticed on the web, some attention to SEO is required. Search engine optimization has been an important way to get exposure on the internet, and it’s becoming more and more important as time progresses. In the past, the tactic was meta keyword usage, but that was abused, and most search engines now totally ignore those. What are search engines looking for, and how can you get your site noticed on the web by using SEO tactics?


Content is More Important than Keywords

Content is the most important factor with search engines. If the word ‘intelligence’ can be used in relation to search engine algorithms, they’re getting smarter and smarter, and they’re not easily fooled. Don’t try to outwit them. Provide them with genuine valuable content. Describe your services in all the useful appropriate words you can think of. Search engines will pick up on those terms, and will rank accordingly. Be sure to mention your region, as that’s one of the first things users search for when they need services. Include all the regions you cover so that you can be sure you’re ranked for those regions, such as counties, cities and towns, as well as the state.
Keywords are still relevant, but relevant in the way the content on the page contains them. Overuse of keywords might have a negative effect on your website rank in the search engines, so just provide high quality content and use keywords appropriately. If you’re not sure how appropriate your keyword usage is, have someone else read through it to make sure you’re not overusing it. If it sounds awkward or sounds like you’re trying to emphasize one certain word in the content above all else, it’s definitely overuse. In fact, using the keyword just once will suffice. Be sure to write content that can attract relevant organic links, more than anything else.
Readability is another important aspect related to writing great engaging content. There are a few tools out there that can test readability. WordPress has a good tool for it, but keep a balanced view of its results. Sometimes you’ll need to lay things out in a specific way, and if it doesn’t have that great of a readability score, don’t worry too much about it. Look it over and see if you can change anything to make it easier to read. Be sure you’re not using too many unfamiliar terms, keeping in mind your audience. Another thing to keep in mind is length of your body text. Try to write at least 900 words or more, but try not to overdo it. If you present a daunting wall of text for your readers, they’ll either just scan it, or give up and look somewhere else for what they were searching for.


Do you Blog?

Search engines still love blogs. Keep a blog section on your site and update it regularly, with high quality content. Write about subjects that are interesting, and that will attract people. Engage your viewers, entertain them, make them feel like they learned something new from your content, and that they benefited from visiting your website. Are your clients asking for your recommendations on tablets and smartphones? Write a short blog post about your recommendations. Is there a piece of malware in the wild that’s causing more computer repair issues currently than you’ve noticed before?
This is up to you, but if you write a post telling them how to protect themselves, not only will it help them, but they’ll see you as trying to help them rather than profit off their mistakes. Secondly, if you’re already busy enough as it is, it will save you those long tedious malware removal jobs and you can focus on other projects. Offer to protect their computers in your post, at a discount rate. Many people highly value their computer and when push comes to shove, they’d rather have someone qualified installing programs on their computer rather than risk messing something up themselves.


Balanced Linking

In times past, many have emphasized link networking as the best way to get a good page rank for your website. That’s currently frowned upon by the search engines, and it will probably continue to decrease in effectiveness unless you use it in a balanced way. What is balanced link building? Don’t post on random blogs with your website link. If the blog or website has nothing to do with your service, you most likely wasted your time, and gave your site a ‘-1′ in the eyes of the search engines. If you want to do link building, do it sparingly, and do it where it counts. For instance, can you get your services reviewed by an outside party? If they write an article on their site, and if their site has a good ranking with Google, and is considered relevant and important by Google, you’ll probably get a good rank with that search engine.


Social Media

This currently appears to be a very large factor in search engine results. If your online presence has a social media network following, such as a thousand or more Facebook followers, several hundred shares, and a few hundred tweets, you’ll be very likely to get some impressive results in the search engine results. You’re probably thinking that’s not possible for you. Actually, it is. It might take some time, but there’s no time like the present for getting started. Put links to your social media presences on your flyers, your business cards, your websites, and your blog. Offer free giveaways when you reach a certain goal on your social media network. Currently, search engines such as Google pay high regard to this kind of interaction, so if you’re not on the social media bandwagon yet with a high quality social networking presence, it’s time to get started.
In conclusion, content is very important. Linking is becoming less important, but links throughout your site to your core page are a good tactic for SEO in 2013. If you haven’t started using social media to expand your presence, start working on it now. If you haven’t got a blog, start one, and keep it updated regularly. If you apply all these tips, you should be on your way to getting good results with the search engines.


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